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The <TABLE> Tag

The TABLE tag is used to create presentation tables (like spreadsheets), but is more commonly used as a way of controlling the placement of text and images on web pages. All TABLE tags must be closed with a </TABLE>, and contain at least one <TR></TR> and <TD></TD> set, such as:

        here is some text in a cell
The TABLE tag allows you to set the following attributes:
  • BGCOLOR="#FF0000" would set the background color to red.
  • ALIGN="CENTER" centers the table. You can also set ALIGN equal to LEFT or RIGHT.
  • CELLPADDING=10 places 10 pixels of blank space between the border and the text/images in a cell.
  • CELLSPACING=15 places 15 pixels of border between cells.
  • BORDER=1 creates a thin border around each cell. 0 means no border.
  • WIDTH=550 sets the overall width of the table to 550 pixels. (You can also use percentages such as WIDTH="90%")

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