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Creating A Real BACK Button
Server Side Includes!

I don't know where you came from

How did you do that?
One of the more perplexing links on a web page is the back button or link. Just as with any point on a spider's web, a reader could have wandered to any of your pages from possibly several pages on your site, external links, and of course search engine results.

The Apache Environment variable, HTTP_REFERER is used above to show you the full URL of the page that brought you here. In the example above, Extended SSI (XSSI) logic was used to see if there was a value in the HTTP_REFERER variable. This allows you to handle situations such as bookmarks or browsers that do not report a value for the HTTP_REFERER. Let's look at the source code:

  <!--#if expr="${HTTP_REFERER} =/http/" -->
     <B>You came from <!--#echo var="HTTP_REFERER"--></B>
    <!--#else -->
      <B>I don't know where you came from</B>
  <!--#endif -->
The if statement basically says, "If the HTTP_REFERRER contains an expected value, such as http which is in all URL's, create a link, otherwise print a message indicating a problem."

I don't have XSSI, Can I still have a back button?
Of course. With any SSI compatible server you can simply do this:

   <A HREF="<!--#echo var="HTTP_REFERER"-->">BACK</A>

How do I keep people on my site?
This is a tad sneaky, but if you want to keep readers on your site, you can do what Andrew Jones sent in. XSSI is required.

  <!--#if expr="${HTTP_REFERER} =/bignosebird/" -->
    Return to <A HREF="<!--#echo var="HTTP_REFERER"-->">previous
      <!--#else -->
    Return to <A HREF="">front page</A>
  <!--#endif -->
What this code is doing is checking to see if the value "bignosebird" is contained in the HTTP_REFERER. If so, give the reader a link that takes them back to the referring page, otherwise (assuming they came from off-site) take them to our home page!

If you are curious, at BNB we just use the back button to take you to the page the tutorial is listed on. This way I bring my reader to the place containing the most related information to what they might be looking for.


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