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Why do I have to worry about composition?
The Web and working with HTML is hardly a radical and new kind of medium. Sorry to disapoint everyone, but despite all the hype, it is basically very much like working with printed media such as magazines.

This means that in order for you to present images and text together, you have to sort of pay attention to traditional guidelines used in publishing. Actually, you don't. You can pretty much do what you want, but if your objective is to present your information in a meaningful and professional manner, well at least consider some of what is covered in this section of the site.

Don't take our word for it, but rather go out and look at very popular sites that present information similar to what you are trying to cover. Look at magazines, newspapers, even visit an art gallery or two. Just go out and look!

Okay, what is Photo Composition?
Photo composition is the inexact art and science of taking a photograph and editing it to meet your needs. It is a way of lending balance and meaning to an image, so that it both is more pleasing to the eye, and adds to the message of the accompanying text or copy.

Having a scanner is a wonderful thing. You can easily and inexpensively incorporate your snapshots into your pages. You must learn to develop an editor's eye, and not be scared to take a virtual knife to your photos.

You can accomplish a great deal using the most basic features of any image editing program. In our example lessons, we work with techniques such as cropping, enlargement, reduction, and rotation. There are many different image editing packages on the market, so it is not our objective to teach you how to use any particular one. What we want you to get a feel for are how and when to use the various tools available to you.

First, some things you should know about your scanner...
Scanners are great! They let us use our very own photos and artwork on our pages. Read this Scanner Tutorial to make sure you understand some of the basic quirks and limitations you might be facing.

LESSON #1: The Human Subject
Without doubt, a great deal of our images deal with people. Learn how to take a rather typical, casual snapshot and create two very different images from it.

Lesson #1 will introduce you to the concepts of landscape and portrait orientation, and when to use them.

LESSON #2: Composing Action Photos
Another favorite type of image to include on our pages show us and others at play. Very often the camera does not quite capture the action the way it happened.

Lesson #2 will introduce you to finding the action line and correcting the image so the reader gets the proper perspective.

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