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Making Music with MIDI

Sorry, for legal reasons, MIDI files can no longer be made available for download.
MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is an incredibly sophisticated method for controlling synthesizers and sound effects processors. Almost every major recording artist and studio employs this system. Well, one reason is that one MIDI programmer costs less than a fifty piece orchestra.

For us webmasters, MIDI allows us to transform a surfer's $2,500 prized multimedia computer system into a $39 child's toy keyboard!

There are a few ways. The first is you can have the music start up when the page is first opened. To do this please take a look at this HTML trick.

The second and more polite way is to offer it as a link. This can be as simple as:

<A HREF="/midi/CANDLE1.mid"> listen to Candle in the Wind</A>
A very important consideration is file size. Many well done MIDI files can be anywhere from 50K to 120K in size! We generally recommend that you should try and limit file sizes to 30K or so- especially for music that you start automatically.

I have found that a good place to find lots of files is in the alt.binaries.sounds.midi USENET group. Please be careful about letting the kids poke around. This is located in the alphabetic (binaries, i.e. photographs) area of the USENET that kids should be kept out of.

Music is such a personal thing, that rather than tell you were to go for various types of music, just go to YAHOO! Entertainment:Music:Computer Generated:MIDI:Files which contains listings for sites to meet all tastes. Be sure to follow the use guidelines regarding the music files at each site. For classical, television, and movie music, try The Midi File Page by Jonathan Gurstelle. The classical collection is especially impressive. For a wide variety of choices (over 200), please look at The Midi Page. For music from the 80's, check out Kerhop's Best Eighties. For more MIDI files, visit Standard MIDI Files on the Net. ( The Internet MIDI Community's Comprehensive List of Sites with MIDI Files)

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