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Style 5: The College Dorm Look, or mom & dad will never see this page. (I hope!)

Here we go, the bold, defiant home page of the college student, freshman variety. Actually, this page is based on the graphics and a question posed by Theresa Nelson, a college student at Oklahoma University in Norman.

The problem that Theresa was having had to do with right justifying text and images. This is a way of formatting text so that the right margin is straight and the left margin is ragged.

This is an example of
text that is right

The reason that we need to format our page this way is that we have a background image that contains a message. The text in the image also consumes about half the width of the screen!

Theresa also would like to see her picture on the right side of the screen, the links right justified under the picture, and the e-mail & counter graphic under the links; right justified as well. Oh, and of course our page must adapt to our reader's particular resolution.

Once again we will draw on the power of tables to get most browsers to do our bidding.

In this example page, we create a table that uses 100% of the screen with the tag <TABLE WIDTH=100%>. Then we simply use the <TD ALIGN=RIGHT> tag to force everything in that cell over to the right.
In doing this style of page it is important to keep the following things in mind:
  • Do not use TEXT=#FFFFFF (WHITE text), but a color that would be readable if the browser can't deal with the background image or black background color.
  • Consider placing the saying or in this case, lyrics in real text at the bottom of the page. If you want to hide it, just use the <FONT COLOR=#000000> tag to make the text black. This way somebody with a primative browser, or one with graphics turned off won't lose your message.
  • Your parents may find the page, sell your furniture, rent out your room, and cancel your credit cards.
Note: Theresa is changes her page about once a month, so go see You Have No Power Over Me if you have a moment.
Note: Theresa graduated from college (summer 1998) and seems to have become more conservative. ;-)
- Bruce

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