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Playing music automatically when a page is displayed.

Please wait for the music to load!

Here is the standard little JAVA script that figures out whether you are using Netscape or Internet Explorer. IE uses the <BGSOUND> while Netscape uses the <EMBED> tag. Here are things to make sure of when installing this:
  • Be careful about your choice of selection. Music means different things to different people. What you consider a nice happy tune, may be the song somebody heard while their spouse asked for a divorce or something. Also keep in mind that it can scare people a bit!

  • Make sure you keep the document.writeln all in one piece. It is a long line, but do not split the line.

  • Test with Netscape. If it does not work, make sure your server is configured for MIME audio/x-midi. In otherwords, tell your system administrator that you want to play music!

  • Get yourself a MIDI file that you like. You might try visiting Jonathan Gurstelle's MIDI page for starters.


if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE") != -1)
document.writeln ('');
document.writeln ('<EMBED SRC="full_loop.mid" AUTOSTART="true" HIDDEN="true" VOLUME="80%">');
<BGSOUND SRC="full_loop.mid">

*** Make sure you keep the document.writeln all in one piece. It is a long line, but do not split the line.

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