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If you are using a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, please be sure to empty your cache after viewing pages with tons of little graphics. Nothing will eat up hard disk space faster! Click on help and look for cache. We bet you haven't seen this little bit of advice lately. ;->

Please do not link directly to these graphics from your web pages. Please save them to your server.

Assembled here is a large collection of graphics to suit almost any taste- even bad ones! We have gathered these images from various web archives and to the best of our knowledge they are in the public domain. If you see one that belongs to you, just send us a note and we will remove it.

Please note that the listed below contain a large number of graphics and can take a while to download. At any time, you may of course click on your browser's STOP BUTTON.

Of course all of these images are available from our FTP site as neatly packed zip files. If you want to grab a large number of pics at once, this is the way to go.


Coordinated Sets of Images


For some rather unique and original animated GIF files, visit The Squirrel's Nest

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