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Hi! To send a message to BigNoseBird.Com, just fill in the form below. Be sure to include your e-mail address if you want to hear back from us.

We do try to answer our e-mail, but usually the load is too great. We also have families, pets, and day jobs. All we can do is try.

Due to time constraints, we cannot provide support on the scripts. If you can't make your script run, please read the trouble shooting page. Each BNB script (except for the BNBBOOK guestbook which is self-documenting) comes with a README.TXT file. Over 95% of the e-mail received relating to script installation problems are questions that are covered in that file. You can also check the Scripts forum at the BBS.

Send this e-mail to:

Bruce: For script suggestions, techie stuff, general information, as well as book & movie deals.
Christine: Questions relating to graphics and design.



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With BigNoseBird's instructions- you can have this mail form running on your site in less than 10 minutes!!! See our CGI Script Archive Page...

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