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BNB's NoMoDoMo

Welcome to BNB's NoMoDomo Subscription Manager Control Panel! The forms below will allow you to manage your mailing lists, create and edit your letters, and send out mailings.
Maintain Mailing Lists
This form allows you to edit the mailing lists collected by your BNB Subscription Manager. Please use the selection bar to pick the mailing list file you wish to review. You may also enter an e-mail address, or part of one into the search box and the script will return all all matching records. If you want to select the entire contents of a file, just leave the search box empty. Click on GO-GET-EM! when ready.
Please select a list file
Partial address to search on
Fire when ready
Maintain Letters
To create a new form letter file, select the YES button for Create new letter. To edit an existing letter, simply pull down on the selector bar and pick the desired letter file. Click on DO-IT! when ready.
Please select a letter file
Create a new letter? NO YES
Fire when ready
Send out Mailing
This form allows you to send out e-mail to your subscribers. Use the selector bars to pick your mailing list and form letter file. You may also enter a subject line and return e-mail address. Of course- be very careful to pick the correct letter and list before sending! As the mail is being sent, you will see each address and it's status displayed. In the event the script is interrupted, you will know where it left off. Click on MAIL-EM! when ready.
Please select a LIST file
Please select a LETTER file
Subject Line
Fire when ready



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