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A popular question many of our visitors have is, "What books do you recommend?" Well, we have to admit that we have been through quite a few of them on a wide variety of topics. Have you been to a bookstore lately? Aisles of Internet-related books. All of this information is available on the Internet itself, but nothing has the look, smell, and feel of a book. We are avid book readers- and not just of computer books.

Here is the problem. All of these books, well most of them anyway, average about eight-hundred (800) pages. Yikes! Anybody care to guess where we start an attack on any such beast? The Index. When you are trying to find something, the index becomes sort of your personal search engine. Skip any book that has a skimpy index in the back.

As far as my recommendations go, I am not providing reviews here. Each book has strong and weak parts. What all of these books have in common is that they are on my bookcase. Actually, I am not that organized, they are laying all over the place on the floor, on the desk, in the bathroom... The fact that they are out and in use is the best thing I can say for them. (Bruce, speaking for himself)

The books are listed in no particular order, so do not infer anything because one is higher up on the list than another. There are of course other books around, but these seem to get the most wear.

Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in 14 Days
Laura Lemay, SAMS.NET Publishing.

This is an excellent book for the basics in most everything there is about web authoring. You will find a lot of good ideas in here. As far as 14 days goes... About 800 pages plus a CD-ROM. Good bedtime reading as well!

HTML The Definitive Guide
Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy, O'Reilly & Associates

Very good reference for using the various tags. Points out the differences in behavior between Netscape and Microsoft Explorer. Also has a handy special characters chart and is not too dry. Hope you like Kumquats.

Using HTML, Second Edition
Mark Brown, John Jung, & Tom Savola, QUE

Good coverage of all major topics. Fantastic index. The usual 800 pages plus a CD-ROM.

Using PERL 5 for Web Programming
Harlan, Powers, Doyle, & Foghlu, QUE

Good all around PERL book with items relevant to web work. This book is not however, for beginners as it assumes you already know at least one programming language. Once you get a bit familiar with CGI and PERL, this is a good book to have sitting around.

Glover, Humphreys, & Weiss, Waite Group Press

Actually very little material on CGI-BIN, but a good problem-solution book on PERL 5. The usual 800 or so pages.

Apache Server Bible
Mohammed J. Kabir, IDG Books

This is an absolute must have if you are either administrating an Apache Web Server, or are hosted on one.

THE Greatest HTML Resource on Earth- Period
Everyone who has gone before you

See something you like as you are browsing? Take advantage of your browser's VIEW DOCUMENT SOURCE. I cannot stress this strongly enough. This is how I learned the best tricks and formatting techniques. Do not feel like you are peeking at secret stuff. When a web author puts their pages up, they hope that somebody will be interested enough to see how they did it!

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