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May 9, 1999
We decided to retire the Weekly Award for a few reasons. When I get an e-mail including a URL, I usually visit the site and check things out. I decided that I find it much more enjoyable going to visit a site with the "Critic's Eye" turned off.

This way, I don't have the little voice in the back of my mind saying, "Is this the best site I have seen lately?" Over the past two years since BNB started, I have seen a tremendous improvement in everything from huge corporate sites to college student homepages. I think everyone is pretty much self-movivated to create the best that they can.

I am certain that nobody will lose sleep over this. Just keep creating the best sites that you can. Most important of all- have fun doing it.

-- Bruce


Winner Site of Week from



Each day, the BigNoseBird picks its way through the flotsam that the surf drops on the shores of the Web to seek out a tasty morsel. Weekly, the brightest pearl will be featured.

Please take a detour to visit what I deem a worthy site.


POSTMODERNPUNK.COM is a very nicely designed site, done in a rather avante garde style. It is colorful, bold, and attractive- yet seriously missing actual graphics. Amazing what one can do with well designed tables.

The site features a bi-weekly magazine, some nice Shockwave slide shows, music, and plenty of original material on a wide variety of subjects- especially those relating to social issues.

Nigel Hall did a great job on this site, please take a few minutes to go and have a look around.

-- Bruce



The Web is a big place and I can't possibly see all of it! You are welcome to submit either your site or a site you like. This will obviously greatly increase the odds of BigNoseBird finding the site. All submitted sites will be visited. Maybe not on the same day!

The winning site will be notified by e-mail, and will have its week as the Tasty Morsel.


  • Commercial, organization, and personal sites are eligible.
  • Adult oriented sites are NOT to be submitted.
  • The site must have meaningful, original content. Link pages will not be considered.
  • The site should be pleasing to the eye, and navigation should be easy.
  • Download time on a 28K Modem should be less than 45 seconds.
  • Source code should be viewable so others can learn from it.
  • The page should be designed so that it looks best in as many browsers as possible.
  • Most importantly, it should set a good example of design for the aspiring webmaster.


The submission process is simple. Just sign the Guestbook. Be sure to enter the complete URL, i.e, Also, besides a friendly hello, please tell the world what you like about the site you are nominating. This way others can see what sites our readers find of interest. Please enter a URL only once!

If you wish your nomination to be anonymous, complete the mail form. Be sure to include the URL someplace in the body. The method of submission will have no bearing on my decision.

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